Android, iPhone take 84pc of UK smart-phone traffic

25 Nov 2009

A look at smart-phone traffic in the UK for October 2009 shows that while Apple’s iPhone continues to dominate the market, the Android operating system is beginning to catch up as it takes 10pc of the market already.

With 10pc of the smart-phone traffic market share, Android tops both the Blackberry and the Windows Mobile OS, who capture 4pc and 1pc respectively.

The iPhone and iPod touch alone make up a staggering 74pc of the UK’s smart-phone traffic, according to the AdMob Mobile Metrics Report, whereas in the US it was noticed that the smart-phone market is more varied and the iPhone is not as dominant.

In the US, 55pc of the smart-phone traffic is from the iPhone (and to a lesser extent, the iPod touch) while the Android market is really beginning to take off, capturing 20pc of the traffic.

Android is being boosted with new handset models introduced recently to the market, including the Motorola Droid and the HTC Hero.

Looking at overall worldwide smart-phone traffic, the iPhone OS captures half of the entire market while globally Symbian (eg, Nokia) still dominates with 25pc.

By Marie Boran

Photo: The iPhone 3GA.