Apple bricking it over unlocked iPhones

25 Sep 2007

Preceding a software update later this week, Apple has warned iPhone owners that installation of any third party unlocking programs will void the warranty, essentially turning the iPhone into an unusable brick if anything should go wrong.

The company was firm on this point, stating: “Users who make unauthorized modifications to the software on their iPhone violate their iPhone software license agreement and void their warranty.”

Following Apple’s exclusive deal with AT&T for the iPhone release in the US, various individuals and companies have been unlocking the phone to enable it to work with other mobile carriers.

Although iPhone users now owning a fully functioning unlocked iPhone may have no problems with the handset it could mean that future software updates from Apple will conflict with the unlocking program, something that users will not be able to remedy with a replacement handset.

The reason Apple gave for this was that many of the unlocking programs cause “irreparable damage to the iPhone’s software”, such as iUnlock or AnySIM.

Ahead of the update which includes the Wi-Fi Music Store especially for the iPod Touch and the iPhone, users of any third-party applications may have to completely reset their handset to factory settings as Apple says that any third party apps, games included, will void the warranty.

By Marie Boran