Apple updates the MacBook Pro

6 Jun 2007

As predicted, Apple has updated its MacBook Pro notebook series, introducing a faster processor, improved graphics card and up to 200GB hard drive.

The new MacBook Pro features the latest Intel mobile processor, the Core 2 Duo, which Apple claims makes it one of the fastest notebooks currently available, running at speeds of up to 2.4GHz.

The benefits, Apple said, include professional applications like Final Cut Pro 6 and Logic Pro 7, running 50pc faster than on the original MacBook Pro with an Intel Core Duo chip.

Recently the company promised “a greener Apple”, and have delivered in the form of the 15-inch MacBook Pro which is mercury free and has an energy-efficient backlight LED display.

Although a redesign was rumoured, the new notebooks feature the same brushed aluminium exterior. However, graphics have been improved, with an NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics controller on board.

Although Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor includes Kedron, its own next-generation wireless chipset, Apple will still be using its AirPort platform which, like Kedron, has 802.11n, the most up-to-date spec from the Wi-Fi Alliance.

The 2.2 GHz, 15-inch MacBook Pro costs €1,899, (including Vat), while the 2.4GHz version costs €2,399 (inc VAT).

The 17-inch with 160GB hard drive, which doesn’t have a backlit screen, retails at €2,699 (including Vat). The 200GB hard drive is only available as an additional built-to-order option, as is the 1920 x 1200 high-resolution display.

By Marie Boran