AR apps attract $1.5bn revenue stream by 2015

2 Feb 2011

Augmented reality apps have the potential to achieve revenues of US$1.5bn by 2015, new research claims.

Juniper Research has revealed in its Mobile Augmented Reality report that mobile augmented (AR) applications and services are becoming increasingly popular with leading brands, retailers and mobile vendors. It is reported that global revenues are expected to reach $1.5bn by 2015.

According to the report, in 2009, the installed base of AR capable smartphones had increased from 8m to more than 100m in 2010. The report discovered that AR apps originally associated with smaller development companies now plays a major role in larger companies.

Companies such as Carlsberg and Coca Cola have featured AR elements in their mobile advertising campaigns. Qualcomm has launched an AR-software development kit for Android, and Samsung’s use of preloading AR browsers onto several of its handsets in certain markets demonstrates the massive growth of AR applications, and its significance in the consumer world.

Dr Windsor Holden, author of the report, commented, “One of the key benefits from this heightened activity is the fact that it generates press interest and public awareness: even if consumers don’t necessarily understand how it works, they can see real-life examples of AR in action. Likewise, it serves to generate wider interest amongst brands and developers who can see potential applications for AR technology; it educates the market.”

Juniper Research reveals its report also shows AR apps still have a “gimmicks” label attached to their name, because “early deployments featured an AR element that had been added at the last minute to a pre-existing app, or else the use of AR was limited and failed to engage with the end user.”