Catch the Babelfish: Irish telco devises a new kind of cloud phone

1 Nov 2017

Image: Happy Monkey/Shutterstock

VoIP player Goldfish claims a first for Irish telecoms.

Greystones company Goldfish claims to have created an in-browser phone called Babelfish, said to be the first of its kind for an Irish telco.

Inspired by “the oddest thing in the universe” in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which removes barriers to communication between different races and cultures, the Babelfish softphone aims to simplify how people make and receive calls.

Launched last week at the Uprise Festival in Dublin, Babelfish is an alternative to traditional softphones in that all it requires is for users to click on a link in their web browser, and they can make calls as if from their own landline numbers.

Look, no software!

Catch the Babelfish: Irish telco devises a new kind of cloud phone


Goldfish founder Gordon O’Neill explained that the Babelfish was created in response to large companies requesting a cloud-based phone that their staff could access from anywhere without needing to download software and configure.

The company provides call centre platforms to businesses that include Dropbox, IDG Direct, Sisk Group and Boxever. Babelfish will also be fully incorporated into Quvu, Goldfish’s call centre management software.

“We work with companies to develop our technology to fit their changing work practices,” O’Neill said.

“Many of our larger customers no longer use handsets and are moving towards being fully cloud-based. Others want to implement hotdesking to streamline their working practices and save on office costs.

“The problem with traditional softphones is, they make change difficult because they are desktop-based. Now, with the Babelfish, our customers can access their phones through a web browser, so their staff can make calls within a few seconds.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years