Bandwidth Biggles types take to the air

13 Sep 2004

Ireland’s first combined Computer Flight Simulator and Aviation Show, hosted by PC Pilots Ireland, will take place next Sunday at the Red Cow Moran Hotel in Dublin.

The purpose of the event is to promote Computer Flight Simulation as a hobby in the context of the wider aviation interest.

The show will feature exhibits from the computer Flight Simulator and Aviation communities in Ireland. Aviation fans will be the opportunity to fly Microsoft Flight Simulator, watch demonstrations of flying on the internet with live virtual air traffic control and fly in a home built cockpit.

Presentations from Flight Simulator and Aviation groups and screenings of Aviation Videos will take place in a seated Presentation Theatre.

Visitors will be able to enter a free draw to win Microsoft Keyboards and Mice, copies of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 and Crimson Skies (for Xbox only).

Visitors to the event will have the opportunity to use Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2004 and fly a range of aircraft such as the Cessna 152 or a Boeing 747 in a home-built cockpit. There will also be demonstrations of online flights, where flight simulator pilots will have live air traffic control while flying on the internet.

By John Kennedy