Bebo in strategic link-up with O2

15 Nov 2007

Popular social networking site Bebo will now appear on O2 mobile devices, allowing users to upload pictures and post comments from their phone.

Bebo on O2 mobiles will be offered free of charge until 30 November, after which users will be asked to subscribe for a weekly fee of €1.50.

O2 Ireland has an agreement with Bebo to provide the service exclusively to its users until March 2008.

“For an emerging generation, the internet — and social networking sites, in particular — is the place where they live out their lives online,” said Ziv Navoth, marketing and business development manager at Bebo.

“These users are conversing with one another, building relationships, sharing their passions, discovering and creating new forms of entertainment and expressing their identities. Until today, however, logging off the internet also meant logging out of their network. Our partnership with O2 Ireland changes this, helping our users to extend their Bebo experience and stay in touch, regardless of where they are,” Navoth said.

Through the service, Bebo users will be able to browse a customised version of the service on their mobile screen, update their Bebo profile, upload photos for 25 cents, receive text alerts when friends post comments and view other people’s profiles.

“O2 customers are becoming more and more sophisticated in their use of mobile technology,” explained Damian Devaney, O2 Ireland’s marketing director.

“The progression of the social networking phenomenon to mobile highlights just how mobile phones are evolving to become multi-functional devices that connect people in a range of different ways,” Devaney added. “New services such as Bebo Mobile will enable our customers to extend these new ways of communicating.”

By John Kennedy