BitBuzz in exclusive deal with D4 Hotel Group

15 Oct 2009

Wi-Fi service provider BitBuzz has signed an exclusive deal to provide Wi-Fi access to the D4 Hotel Group, including the Ballsbridge Inn, Ballsbridge Towers and the Ballsbridge Court.

The company is providing an innovative new business model for budget hotels that wish to offer complimentary Wi-Fi access, but also want to generate revenue.

All guests will receive one hour of complimentary Wi-Fi access per stay. If required, guests can purchase additional time from the hotel. Wi-Fi access is now available in the hotels’ public areas, meeting rooms and bedrooms.

“There is an extremely high demand for Wi-Fi access in the hotels, and while it is important that the guests’ needs are fulfilled it is also important that the hotels can generate revenue at the same time,” explained Shane Deasy, managing director, Bitbuzz.

“We are providing them with a bespoke service that fulfils the needs of both the hotels and their guests.”

By John Kennedy

Photo: BitBuzz will provide the D4 Hotel Group with Wi-Fi access.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years