Bitbuzz set to double Wi-Fi network

18 Jun 2008

Wireless network provider BitBuzz, which recently landed a deal with O2 for the new 3G iPhone, looks set to double the size of its Wi-Fi network within the next six months pending on separate deals with two large chains here in Ireland.

Managing Director of Bitbuzz, Shane Deasy, told that the deal with O2 for providing wireless access to iPhone users is good publicity, showcasing the reliability of its network and helping to strengthen new deals in the pipeline.


Bitbuzz also has its eyes firmly set on the desires of the wireless user on the go: “Now bus stations, train platforms and Luas stops all become attractive options for Wi-Fi hotspots and they will be the sort of locations Bitbuzz will be going after within the next 12 months.”


“We need to get people like CIE to wake up and realise there is a demand for this sort of thing.


“Bitbuzz has been approaching lots of different companies in the past few years, selling the concept, and up until now they have been quite slow in adopting it but hopefully with the publicity of the iPhone, more locations will sign up.”


By Marie Boran