BitBuzz to start providing fibre to Wi-Fi connected hotels

8 Apr 2013

In response to dramatic increases in Wi-Fi streaming in hotel rooms and conferences, wireless services provider BitBuzz has revealed that it is to deploy fibre to hotels to handle a 100pc increase in bandwidth demand.

The company had been running bonded DSL over the last 24 months to handle the demand.

It is understood that the fibre services will be provided by Eircom and BT in Ireland and BT and Virgin in the UK.

Bitbuzz has Wi-Fi coverage in over 11,000 hotel bedrooms and claims to have 1m registered users across Ireland and the UK.

“Bitbuzz has been working hard to meet the need for hotels of all sizes,” Bitbuzz operations executive Alex French said. 

“For the last 24 months we have been offering Bonded DSL (which is a convergence of up to four standard ADSL lines) as a solution to meet increased Wi-Fi demand.

“This can increase downstream line speeds to up to 80Mbps and has been taken up by many of our hotel partners. This year we plan to roll out fibre-to-the-cabinet products (FTTC), which we believe to be the next generation in Wi-Fi solutions and which will deliver much faster speeds over short distances,” French said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years