Bluetooth SIG adopts Bluetooth 4.0

6 Jul 2010

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) today announced the formal adoption of the next generation of Bluetooth, version 4.0, which specifies low-energy technology or minimal power consumption.

Bluetooth 3.0 was adopted a little more than one year ago in April 2009 and promised super-fast transfer speeds with executive director of the Bluetooth SIG Michael Foley saying at the time: “Taking action like sending vacation photos straight to the PC with the click of a button in the blink of an eye – that’s compelling.”

This year, the upgraded next-generation specification for Bluetooth is focusing on ultra low power consumption now that mobile devices have so much functionality that drains battery power.

“The finalisation of Bluetooth low-energy wireless technology within the core specification is a monumental achievement,” said Foley.

“Bluetooth wireless technology can now, with the hard work of our members and our world-class qualification program, really do it all.”

What to expect from Bluetooth 4.0

  • Ultra low peak, average and idle-mode power consumption
  • Ability to run for years on standard coin-cell batteries
  • Low cost
  • Multi-vendor interoperability
  • Enhanced range

Where Bluetooth 4.0 will be used

As a form of wireless data exchange, Bluetooth 4.0 will be applicable across many sectors, including healthcare, sports and fitness, security and home entertainment. Small coin-cell battery-powered wireless devices and sensors will make this possible.

Now that Bluetooth 4 is ready, devices using this technology are expected on the market later this year.