Broadband should be an employee incentive

24 Oct 2005

Broadband increases interest in full-time e-working, benefiting both employer and employee through enhanced performance and productivity, reduced employer costs and increased job satisfaction, said business-to-business internet service provider Netsource. Increased productivity, the company said, would more than cover the cost.

Netsource has unveiled a new service aimed at boosting the uptake of e-working in the SME and corporate sector. The service gives companies the option of providing or facilitating broadband services for employees who work from home.

Entitled Broadband Connect, the service is exclusive to the business market and not the general public. Netsource is targeting the service at human resources managers as well as IT and operations managers who recognise the value of e-working for job satisfaction and staff loyalty.

The service includes broadband packages that range between 1Mbps and 4Mbps as well as hardware and a five-minute self-install pack. As an added incentive, each company employee availing of the programme will be give lifestyle/entertainment vouchers worth €1,000.

“There is a strong argument for employers to offer broadband connectivity to their staff,” explained Netsource sales and marketing manager Louise McKeown.

“Broadband increases interest in full-time e-working benefiting both employer and employee through enhanced performance and productivity, reduced employer costs and increased job satisfaction. In fact, proof exists from clients that recently availed of this programme that increased productivity alone more than covers the cost, so it’s a winning combination for everyone.

“For companies looking for something different this year broadband at home would be an ideal Christmas gift. For as little as €30 per month and in just under two weeks staff can be up and running,” McKeown said.

McKeown added that Netsource will provide full technical and administration backup on the installation, which includes ISDN backup, static internet protocol address and free email address as standard and optional extras such as backup and virus and spam trap. A private managed service option is also available.

“It’s no secret that it’s an employees’ market. With the economic boom the pool of potential employees is low meaning that employers have to offer incentives to attract and retain employees.

“In these increasingly quality-of-life-conscious times, employees are looking beyond financial rewards to other benefits – such as flexibility and time with family – in deciding whether to take or keep a job. E-working offers these benefits and evidence suggests that broadband availability greatly increases e-work participation,” she added.

By John Kennedy