BT chips in with €2m upgrade for Analog Devices

24 Aug 2006

Semiconductor maker Analog Devices has rolled out a new converged voice and data network, linking its European headquarters in Limerick with 16 sites in the US, at a cost of some €2m.

The new network was designed and installed by a team of BT Ireland engineers, after the company held a competitive tender process for the contract.

Under the agreement BT Ireland has installed an “application-aware” multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) network, based on Cisco equipment, which allows Analog Devices to prioritise mission-critical voice and data applications and cut its costs.

The new infrastructure is an upgrade to an existing frame relay network that had been installed four years ago, which linked Analog Devices’ European offices. As part of the deal BT also replaced a T-3 high-speed data backbone connection.

David Coughlan, network design manager with Analog Devices, said: “The new network provides a major increase in bandwidth and our total throughput has tripled since the start of the rollout. Network delays have disappeared providing us with more voice over IP time, which in turn has generated cost savings.”

Coughlan claimed the network is now delivering a competitive advantage to Analog Devices. “Time to market is very important to the company. The fact that we can now prioritise mission-critical traffic is speeding up our design and engineering processes.”

In addition to wafer fabrication, Analog Devices’ 1,400 staff at its Limerick base carry out research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, distribution and treasury activities.

By Gordon Smith