BT puts punters in the right con-text

1 Jun 2005

BT Ireland today took a novel approach to resolving Ireland’s ongoing broadband woes by encouraging punters that have previously failed a line quality test to recheck their lines by sending a text message.

Customers should text BB followed by their telephone number to 53603 or visit

Up to now, more than 20pc of customer phone lines at broadband-enabled exchanges were failing line tests. Customers checking their phone lines would receive either a “Green” to say they could avail of broadband or a “Red” to say their line had failed the test.

This afternoon’s announcement means that borderline customers who are affected by poor-quality local access wiring to the home or office will be visited by an engineer to see if the line can be upgraded to qualify for broadband.

This move is expected to benefit up to 100,000 consumers and businesses who previously failed the broadband line test.

Mike Maloney, chief operating officer of BT Ireland, commented: “With the rate of broadband subscriptions in decline and Ireland ranked 24th in a recent OECD broadband take-up league, today’s announcement is a step in the right direction.

“However, the industry must work together to stimulate take-up with innovative and better value services while continuing to extend broadband coverage across the country.”

By John Kennedy