BT targets SMEs with managed IT package

21 May 2008

A new service – BT Innovate – that caters for IT management in the SME space has been launched today by BT Ireland.

Organisations using the new service will have their IT managed from BT’s remote management facility and the company claims it is a cost-effective way of running an IT system without draining a firm’s available resources.

While BT has already been offering bespoke managed IT services for the corporate sector for quite some time, this is the first time it will make this available for SMEs, something which managing director for BT business, Liam O’Brien, says is a result of five years of tactical acquisitions in this space.

One of these acquisitions was UK IT services firm Basilica Computing, while similar acquirements were happening in Ireland over the past two years with the Belfast-based BiC Systems going for €25m. Dublin-based Cara Computing was also acquired for an undisclosed sum.

“Businesses understand that anything which deflects resources away from day-to-day critical business activity can quickly become a liability if not addressed,” said Liam O’Brien, managing director for BT Business.

“BT has developed this solution to allow businesses to move from fire-fighting scenarios to quality pre-emptive IT support that guarantees them the ability to concentrate on driving their business forward.”

Other firms in Ireland offering managed IT services include Eircom, Data Electronics and Enclave.

By Marie Boran