Cavan to match Tokyo and Hong Kong with 1,000Mbps fibre-to-building broadband

14 Apr 2015

Cavan town hall, via

Cavan town has been chosen as one of the launch sites for a 100pc fibre-to-the-building broadband service after ESB and Vodafone committed €450m to the Irish project.

Offering actual speeds of 1,000Mbps – with the potential for higher speeds as future technologies come on stream – it will put the town on a par with the likes of Tokyo and Hong Kong by offering world-leading internet speeds.

The areas of Aughnaskerry and Rocklands (both in Cavan) had the technology installed last year as a pilot scheme, with Cavan town soon to lead the country in terms of broadband power – 49 other towns will also enjoy the service as part of the first phase of the project.

The key to this plan is the whole new infrastructure that comes with it, based on 100pc optical fibre.

ESB’s existing electricity infrastructure will deliver the network – eventually countrywide – and construction of this open-access network, which will be available to all authorised broadband operators in the country, will commence this summer.

That means by the autumn, business and consumers will be able to access the service. In actuality, 500,000 homes across 50 different towns will be connected to the network in phase one.

“We are delighted that Cavan will be one of the first towns in Ireland to experience this revolutionary technology,” said Sean Atkinson, CEO of the ESB and Vodafone’s Joint Venture Company.

“There has been a fantastic reception from Aughnaskerry and Rocklands residents, who are the first people in Ireland to experience a new type of broadband, which is powered entirely by light. 

“Businesses in Cavan town will be on the same playing field as the most cutting edge cities in the world, providing a vital boost for the local economy.”

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic