Chambers launches raft of mobile sites

29 Nov 2007

Nationwide business organisation Chambers Ireland is one of the first Irish websites to provide for mobile surfers with the ‘.mobi’ domain name specific to mobile devices that can be accessed on any net-enabled phone and with any operator.

The organisation launched 23 separate .mobi sites yesterday for different business regions around the country.

Conor Brennan, deputy chief executive of Chambers Ireland, said these sites will allow chambers’ members to access their local sites straight from their mobile phones.

“This initiative will provide chamber members and the wider business community with key information to help them be more successful, in a simple and convenient manner.

“In rolling out this project, chambers can bring local businesses up to speed with their international counterparts in terms of digital know-how by showcasing the importance of a highly visible online presence that can adapt to changes in modern technology,” he added.

The vice-president of finance for dotMobi, the association behind the .mobi address, Norbert Grey, was present at the Chambers’ launch yesterday and talked about the importance of a .mobi presence for business given that for every computer sold there are four mobile phones bought.

“By addressing mobile web users, Chambers Ireland is ensuring that its members have access to the information they need to make their business successful, no matter where they are,” said Grey.

These 23 mobile sites, which Brennan said were a “key step in the chamber network’s e-development programme”, were designed and constructed by UK mobile development company Future Platforms.

By Marie Boran