ChangingWorlds in content deal with O2 in UK

30 Jan 2008

Dublin-headquartered ChangingWorlds has delivered a new mobile portal for O2 UK after nine months’ close collaboration between the two companies.

The portal is supported by personalised mobile content specialists ChangingWorlds’ ClixSmart mobile content platform.

“This service showcases ChangingWorlds’ capability to deliver the best in mobile portal personalisation and intelligent content discovery,” said David Moran, CEO, ChangingWorlds. “Other mobile operators that adopt this strategy will see the mobile internet grow to become one of their main drivers of increased ARPU [average revenue per user].”

ChangingWorlds first launched the ClixSmart platform for O2 UK in 2003.

O2 said the success of its O2 Active intelligent personalisation feature is demonstrated by the fact that over 96.5pc of O2 UK’s portal users have explicitly chosen to register for personalisation on the portal.

The number of unique subscribers accessing the platform each day has increased 10-fold since it was launched in 2003.

More than 400 content partners are integrated into the O2 portal domain.

During this project, ChangingWorlds had to ensure the seamless migration of the 160 million individual content preferences implicitly learned from O2 Active users into the new portal structure, ensuring a highly personalised experience for all users at service launch.

Depending on whether they are news, music, movies, sports or games fans, users will each experience a personalised portal service.

Items most frequently accessed are promoted from deep in the portal service to spaces on prominent menu pages. Each portal menu page is automatically populated and ordered with content services that best reflects each user’s recorded preferences.

On O2 Active, ClixSmart automatically generates, maintains and monitors both user profiles and user community profiles.

The community profiles allow O2 to monitor the level of interest in each O2 service, be it music, sport, news, games or viral applications such as Myspace and Facebook, all of which are integrated on the new O2 Active portal.

“Together with ChangingWorlds’ pedigree in mobile portal personalisation and intelligent content discovery and the resilience of the O2 Active ClixSmart platform service, this project has been executed with the utmost professionalism, innovation and technical expertise,” said Graham Riddell, head of content strategy, O2 UK.

By Niall Byrne