Chorus sings with new broadband speeds

27 Jun 2006

From next month, Chorus customers will be able to avail of new residential broadband speeds, the cable provider’s parent company has announced.

UPC Ireland, which owns NTL Ireland and Chorus, said the initiative will also introduce a new broadband promotion that includes an offer of three months’ free broadband subscription and free connection to new customers taking either the 2MB, 3MB or 6MB services.

Four different packages will be available to consumers. The entry-level offering, called Cablenet Broadband Value, has 1Mbps download/100kbps upload and costs €19.99 per month. Next in line is Cablenet Broadband Starter, a 2Mbps/200kbps service priced at €24.99 per month. The Cablenet Broadband package gives 3Mbps/300kbps for a monthly charge of €29.99 and the Cablenet Broadband Plus service 6Mbps/512kbps costs €39.99 per month. These services are always-on connections and do not need a phone line to work as the internet service is delivered via the TV cable.

The latest figures available, to the end of March show that the combined company now has more than 240,000 broadband-enabled homes within its national cable area. Of this number, more than 33,000 households subscribe to a broadband service from the company.

Mark Coan, sales and marketing director of UPC Ireland, said that the company would continue to expand the availability of broadband across its national networks.

By Gordon Smith