ComReg expands fixed wireless broadband coverage by 33pc

14 Dec 2009

ComReg has unleashed additional wireless spectrum in the Irish marketplace which will increase the amount of spectrum available for fixed wireless broadband by 33pc.

The Irish telecommunications regulator says that 28 MHz of spectrum is being released in Dublin and Cork only (Channel F) and 56 MHz of spectrum is being released for operation on a national basis, excluding Dublin and Cork (Channel G).

These spectrum allocations are located in the upper end of the 10.5 GHz FWALA band.

Fixed Wireless Broadband has in excess of 110,000 customers, representing more than 8pc of all broadband connections in Ireland.

ComReg said it believes this increase in available fixed-wireless local area (FWALA) spectrum should help to address the spectrum needs of existing and new FWALA operators by facilitating network expansion.

It should also provide for increased availability and choice in broadband services for Irish consumers.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years