ComReg gives OK to 10GB wireless broadband

2 Jan 2008

Over the Christmas period telecoms regulator ComReg gave the thumbs up to a new wireless ‘optical fibre’ frequency that allows broadband providers to transmit between 1GB and 10GB of data over distances of up to three kilometres.

The regulator opened the 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz frequency bands for very high data transmission to point-to-point providers.

ComReg said the opening of these bands for high capacity radio links is in line with agreed European technical standards and recommendations, and builds upon the successful tests of this technology that have been carried out in Ireland under ComReg’s wireless test-and-trial licensing regime.

It said the tests demonstrated that radio links in these bands are capable of carrying very high speed data transmissions in the range 1GB per second to 10GB per second over relatively short distances of between 1-3 km.

ComReg said that such radio links could provide an alternative to optical fibre, particularly where speed and ease of installation are key factors.

“ComReg believes that opening these frequency bands for high density fixed point-to-point radio link applications will capitalise on the bands’ potential,” ComReg chair John Doherty commented.

“Moreover, such use could potentially facilitate a swift and efficient rollout of broadband services to areas where optical fibre cables are not available or may not be cost effective,” Doherty added.

By John Kennedy