ComReg okays use of iTrip devices

6 Sep 2006

The Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) has said that it plans to lift the ban on short-range radio devices like iTrip, which allows people to listen to MP3 players through their car radio.

The iTrip device, which broadcasts from your average iPod via an FM signal to your car radio, was previously deemed illegal under archaic regulations that required a full license to broadcast an FM signal.

But there were loopholes. Whilst it was officially illegal to use iTrip devices, it was not illegal to buy or sell the devices. As a result, use of iTrip devices were not strictly policed by An Gardai.

ComReg says it has notified the European Commission of its decision to legalise the use of iTrip devices.

The regulator has stipulated that low-power radio transmitter devices that operate in the broadcast band 87.5MHz to 108MHz are exempt for license.

After submitting its decision to the European Commission, ComReg says it expects iTrip devices to be legalised in Ireland by the end of this year.

By John Kennedy