Customers vouch for online shopping

23 Jun 2008

Online shoppers plan to increase the amount they buy over the internet in 2008, according to new research by online voucher firm 3V Transaction Services.

Over 90pc of 3V Transaction Services customers surveyed said they intend to increase the frequency of online shopping throughout the year, and the average online spend of €150 looks set to increase.

3V Transaction Services sells 3V vouchers, which people can use as an online payment method instead of credit or debit cards.

Now with over 200,000 customers, the company said its research showed that between 55pc to 60pc of customers it surveyed intend to reduce their use of credit and debit cards going forward in order to control spending habits.

“In tandem with the continued growth of online shopping, 3V continues to look at ways in which we can improve our customer offering,” said Kieron Guilfoyle, CEO, 3V Transaction Services. “Our record growth to over 200,000 customers has enabled us to reward our existing customers by reducing voucher surcharges.

“The new pricing structure is aimed at encouraging new consumers to engage in the online environment and also in increasing the transaction frequency of existing online shoppers by removing and reducing associated charges.”

By Niall Byrne