C&W connects Belfast and Dublin to global next-gen network

25 Jun 2009

Global telco Cable & Wireless (C&W) has added Belfast and Dublin to its next-generation global fibre network known as the Multi-Service Platform (MSP), along with 19 other cities across Europe.

The country manager for Cable & Wireless Sean Mahon told siliconrepublic.comthat the MSP is effectively a point of presence for the global telco’s next-generation network that will link up 21 cities across Europe.

“What this will do for Ireland Inc is it will enable organisations and businesses across the country to access a stable, world-renowned network and deal instantaneously with locations in Europe and the US. It will be ideal for bandwidth-hungry applications such as videoconferencing, which firms want to provision.

“In effect, the MSP will provide businesses in Ireland with 1Gbps of uncontended data speeds from Dublin to Tokyo,” Mahon added.

He said the onset of the MSP will lead to considerable cost reductions for those businesses that require global access and need to access bandwidth-hungry applications ranging from videoconferencing, call centres, video signage and IP CCTV.

C&W’s local salesforce will be aggressively selling the MSP to new businesses, and Mahon explained that the company will be migrating existing customers over to the MSP platform over the next 10 months.

The company serves up to 1,000 businesses and organisations north and south and its Solas and Lamis transatlantic fibre networks connect Ireland with North America and the European mainland.

The MSP has been described by Ovum analyst David Maloney as one of the most advanced global telecoms networks in the world. “The extension of the MSP to Europe will enable C&W to provide greater support to its international customers through a range of innovative next-generation services. This announcement sees the company take a significant step forward in its global connectivity strategy.”

John Broaders, programme manager for Cable & Wireless, said that the MSP will be accessible to business using SDH or layer 2 Ethernet technologies.

“If you’re an entrepreneur in this country trying to compete globally it’s a struggle, and you need fast connectivity onto a carrier class network to take on global competition,” Broaders added.

“C&W has been a trusted technology partner of Ryanair for more than a decade,” said Eric Neville, IT director of Ryanair. “Its world-class IP network has provided us with a fast, reliable and highly scalable backbone that has supported our business growth to 67 million passengers in 26 countries.

“With the implementation of its next-generation MSP, Ryanair will be able to quickly and cost-effectively introduce innovative new services that will support our employees and customers throughout Europe,” Neville added.

By John Kennedy

Pictured at the launch of C&W’s next-generation network is John Broaders, programme manager, and Sean Mahon, Ireland business director, C&W