Digg founder: iPhone 3.0 to have ‘cut and paste’

16 Mar 2009

Ahead of Apple’s announcement tomorrow of new software for the iPhone, Kevin Rose, founder of social news website Digg.com, is claiming that the next version of iPhone software will finally have a cut-and-paste feature.

Speaking at the South by Southwest technology conference, which is currently running in Austin, Texas, Rose said this feature will be accessed by double-tapping on a word or starting point and dragging to where you want to cut or paste, after an icon of a magnifying glass in quotation marks pops up.

Apple fanatic Rose is well known for his rumours ahead of Apple product releases. He famously predicted, incorrectly, that the iPhone, when first released, would have a removable battery and a second backup one.

However, he has been correct about several rumours, including the latest version of the iPod touch and iPod nano released in June 2008.

Rose also claimed that the new iPhone 3.0 software would give the iPhone all of the functionality the forthcoming Palm Pre has.

As for apps running in the background, video functionality and MMS messaging, there is, for now it seems, still no movement on these fronts by Apple.

Another feature we will most likely not see in the new iPhone software is Flash capability. Adobe and Apple are currently working on this, and it is something Adobe chief Shantanu Narayen has called a “hard technical challenge”.