Digiweb wins €70,000 broadband deal with Applegreen

20 Jul 2011

Broadband and telecoms provider Digiweb has secured a two-year deal worth more than €70,000 with service station network Applegreen. The deal will see a 20Mbps and 40Mbps LAN connect three new motorway service stations located at Castlebellingham, Lusk and Enfield.

The geographic locations of the stations meant they were deemed almost impossible for any operators to provide efficient connectivity. Digiweb’s network flexibility enabled the delivery of cutting-edge bandwidth to the client’s remote locations.

Digiweb’s custom-built, point-to-point broadband connection provides the motorway service areas with a 20Mbps link between the three locations for business-critical applications. Following this, Digiweb built a LAN extension from the northbound stations across to the southbound stations.

The Digiweb solution enables Applegreen to expand beyond just processing card payments. The solution delivers CCTV, internet kiosks, POS operations and stock management communication between both the northbound and southbound stations. This is important for the company in order to offer value-added services that improve customer satisfaction and business operation.

High emphasis on business-efficient technologies

Applegreen places high priority on technologies that improve business efficiency and staff productivity, while also reducing operational costs and improving the customer experience. The high-speed connection adds to the overall customer experience at the service stations.

The motorway service areas offer high-speed refuelling, free parking, plus comprehensive food and recreational areas, all with easy access on and off the motorways.

“Our high-speed connection and secured LAN extension will add considerably to the Applegreen customer experience with faster transactions and better information sharing between branch locations and headquarters, helping increase customer satisfaction and drive sales,” said Fintan Lawler, sales director, Digiweb.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years