dotMobi anticipates mobile video revolution

25 Aug 2008

With the number of worldwide video subscribers set to soar to over 46 million by 2010, tech-industry backed dotMobi has added video content adaptation data into its mobile developer kit.

dotMobi is the organisation responsible for the domain .mobi and is backed by a consortium of tech-industry giants including Microsoft, Vodafone, 3, the GSM Association, Nokia and Samsung.

Last year, the organisation revealed that over 1m .mobi domains had been registered in over 104 countries worldwide.

dotMobi revealed over the weekend that it will include Mobizoft video content adaptation data into its award-winning DeviceAtlas for developers, which it adds is the definitive source of mobile handset information for mobile content developers.

Analyst firm Infonetics Research says the number of global mobile video subscribers is set to soar to over 46 million by 2010.

The Mobizoft handset recognition data will be essential for broadcasters and other content providers hoping to be part of the mobile revolution.

Swedish firm Mobizoft’s technology is currently used by over 1,000 content providers worldwide.

“Adapting video content for mobiles has traditionally been difficult due to wide variations in device capabilities,” says Paul Nerger, vice-president of Advanced Services and Applications, dotMobi.

“I’m thrilled to see Mobizoft join the growing number of companies providing bulk data to DeviceAtlas. Mobizoft brings unique capabilities in regard to media streaming, which is at the cutting edge of the mobile web. DeviceAtlas users will benefit tremendously from Mobizoft’s innovation.”

As part of this agreement, Mobizoft will gain licensed access to the DeviceAtlas database.

“We are constantly working to improve the experience of developing mobile web video broadcasting and advertising, which is often made difficult by the variety and capabilities of devices,” says Maria Christensen, CEO of Sweden- based Mobizoft.

“In working with dotMobi, we are able to provide DeviceAtlas users with information for creating rich mobile content for nearly every video-capable device on the planet.”

In addition to Mobizoft, many other mobile operators, handset manufacturers and developers from around the world – including Nokia, Vodafone, Telecom Italia Mobile, Argogroup, Volantis and Zandan – are working with dotMobi to collate and continually refine data on handset attributes so that developers can create ‘device aware’ content with the most up-to-date information available.

By John Kennedy