Dublin Docklands becomes Wi-Fi hotspot

26 Jun 2008

Visitors, residents and workers around Dublin’s Docklands area will be able to access high-speed wireless broadband from today via DockNet, the first large-scale Wi-Fi hotspot of its kind in Dublin.

DockNet was developed by the Docklands Authority in conjunction with 3PlayPlus and in the first phase of its rollout will cover the Grand Canal Dock area, which goes live today.

By mid-2009, the Docklands Authority said there will be full coverage in the entire area.

Because the Wi-Fi connection is high-speed, users will be able to use bandwidth-heavy digital services like VoIP, broadcast TV, CCTV security and other video applications seamlessly.

As part of this service, users will be able to access 10 websites for free:www.dublindocklands.ie, www.sports.ie, www.welfare.ie, www.met.ie, www.chq.ie, www.ifsc.ie, www.dublinbus.ie, www.itsyourmoney.ie, www.dubsimon.ie and the popular Dublin-based radio station www.phantom.ie.

Visiting sites outside these 10 will cost users €6 for an hour, €10 for four hours, €20 for 24 hours of access and a seven-day pass for €60.

The chairman of the Docklands Authority, Donal O’Connor, said this investment is going to be an important part of the renewal and regeneration of the Docklands area.

“Internet access is now vital to the economic and social development of any community and we are delighted to be able to provide anyone living, working or visiting the Docklands with the opportunity to utilise Wi-Fi.”

By Marie Boran

Pictured:Aerial view of Dublin’s Docklands