EC keen to cut off roaming charges

9 Dec 2010

The European Commission (EC) believes that mobile roaming charges within the European Union are still too high, there is a lack of competition, and would eventually like to see the charges abolished.

The EC has set out to achieve a national tariffs rate approaching zero by 2015 and is inviting the views of consumers, businesses, telecom operators and public authorities on how best to achieve this.  

Domestic roaming charges

“Huge differences between domestic and roaming charges have no place in a true EU single market.

“We need to address the source of current problems, namely a lack of competition, and to find a durable solution. But we are keeping an open mind on exactly what solution would work,” said vice-president of the European Commission for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes.

The EC will focus on the impact of EU rules on mobile users and service providers and what further measures could be taken to promote competition and consumer satisfaction.

The consultation runs until 11 February 2011, and will provide a basis for a review of the EU’s current Roaming Regulation, which the EC has to carry out before the end of June 2011.