Eircom blames DNS outage on ‘irregular’ traffic volumes

7 Jul 2009

The country’s largest ISP says the outage that caused a DNS outage on its servers and resulted in browsing delays and misdirected traffic was due to ‘unusual and irregular’ volumes of internet traffic.

The outage has led to speculation that the company’s servers were hacked. However, the company’s statement neither confirms nor denies this, although it suggests the company may have been the victim of a denial of service attack.

“Some customers may have recently experienced delays in web browsing and may have been unable to access the internet. In some cases, customers may have been redirected to incorrect websites.

“This issue has been caused by an unusual and irregular volume of internet traffic being directed onto our network, and this impacted the systems and servers that provide access to the Internet for our customers.

“Eircom is working continuously to minimise the impact for customers and has taken a number of steps, including software updates and hardware interventions, to fully restore internet service,” the company said in a statement.

By John Kennedy