Eircom enables 103 broadband exchanges

21 Dec 2007

Nineteen more telephone exchanges have been enabled for broadband this week, Eircom has announced.

In 2007 a total of 103 exchanges, representing 65,000 working lines, were enabled, bringing to 1.4 million the number of working lines that can support broadband in Ireland today.

Some 18.4pc of the population can now avail of broadband, up from 16.2pc in August 2007. In October, Eircom achieved 500,000 DSL broadband connections on its network.

“We have reached a huge milestone today with the enablement of 19 new exchanges, bringing our total to 103 upgraded exchanges in 2007,” said Rex Comb, CEO, Eircom. “We intend to build on these achievements and continue the momentum behind broadband rollout into 2008.

“Everyone is aware we have set ourselves ambitious targets and we have an aggressive broadband plan in place. We anticipate that 96pc of the working telephone lines in Ireland will be connected to a broadband exchange by the end of 2009.”

By Niall Byrne