Eircom invests €500k in upgrade for rural Kerry

30 Mar 2007

Eircom this morning said it is committing €500,000 to replace a network serving the Black Valley in rural Kerry with a network capable of providing voice and broadband services.

The actual technology platform for the investment in what is one of the remotest parts of Ireland has yet to be decided.

Eircom said that due to the unique geographical challenges of the Black Valley and what it says are prohibitive costs of deploying traditional fixed copper, it is likely that the new network will be wireless and based on either 3G/HSDPA or WiMax technology.

It emphasised that the local community will be consulted throughout the process, particularly in terms of planning permission.

In a statement that suggests that the investment is also exploratory research in action, Eircom’s chief executive Rex Comb said: “Eircom is delighted to make this substantial investment and explore new and exciting wireless technologies so that the residents of the Black Valley will have reliable telecommunications that delivers both voice and broadband services.”

By John Kennedy