Eircom reveals further broadband price cuts

21 Sep 2006

Only a fortnight after its last raft of broadband price cuts Eircom has introduced new broadband and calls bundles, including a 1MB product for €15 a month.

The company introduced two types of bundles, one that combines broadband with a fixed-rate talk anytime call package and one that combines broadband with a talk after hours package.

The company said the two packages will save its customers €60 and €120 respectively.

In the first set of packages, 1MB always-on broadband customers can get a Talktime ‘after hours’ package for €49 a month, saving them €5 a month. Upgrading to 2MB broadband, the package costs €54.99 a month.

In the second raft of bundles, customers who sign up for 1MB broadband and Talktime Anytime calls will get the service for €54.99 a month, a saving of €9.99 a month. Customers who sign up for the 2MB service and the TalkTime Anytime service will pay €59.99 a month.

According to Eircom, the Talktime packages include unlimited off-peak local and national calls.

People who sign up before 20 November will get a free Wi-Fi modem as well as free connection worth €29.99. Customers who sign up for the service over the internet will get their first month’s broadband paid for.

The new bundles, Eircom said, include line rental and will be available from 9 October.

Cathal Magee, Eircom’s managing director in charge of retail, commented: “This announcement underlines Eircom’s commitment to offer customers greater value by combining high-speed broadband with our ever-popular call packages.

“It results in real savings for our customers and it’s another important move to help grow broadband take-up in Ireland. Together with last week’s announcement, it’s never been easier or cheaper to get Eircom broadband,” Magee claimed.

By John Kennedy