Eircom unveils Web 2.0 apps portal

5 Oct 2009

Incumbent operator Eircom has unveiled a new ‘My Eircom’ portal that provides hundreds of complex Web 2.0 applications and telecoms services from a central location.

The Web 2.0 Personal Services Portal (PSP) entitled “My Eircom” is being launched in collaboration with Waterford software firm FeedHenry following a successful beta, which showed a significant uptake and usage of services.

The PSP is now available for services to be viewed and shared across web, desktop, PC and social networking sites.

“With ‘My Eircom’, our goal is to create an attractive Web 2.0 portal for our customers, which offers a catalogue of compelling services,” said Mark Taylor, head of Digital Content and Services, Eircom. 

“The successful beta of ‘My Eircom’ gave our customers a more personalised environment where they could discover services they never knew existed. It allowed them to personalise them, make use of them and take these services with them wherever they went.”

On ‘My Eircom’, users can choose from a range of content, including breaking news, sport and entertainment applications, as well as currency converters, a mortgage calculator and calorie-counter services.

FeedHenry’s software enables Eircom to rapidly launch new services and deliver interactive advertising along with real-time data analysis on usage cross-platform.

“Users can take these services and share them across web, PC desktop and social networking sites such as Facebook or use them on the ‘My Eircom’ page,” said Barry Downes, CEO, FeedHenry.

“FeedHenry solves the problems telcos face in delivering services in a compelling way that drives increased usage. By having a multi-channel strategy where services can be shared across the Web, mobile, PC desktop, TV and social networking sites, we are providing a solution that will drive usage, revenue and supply analytics for all types of telecoms services. 

“Data shows a significant increase in visitors browsing the ‘My Eircom’ catalogue, discovering cool new widgets and actively using them. We are delighted to work with Eircom to officially roll out this highly-successful PSP,” Downes said.

FeedHenry’s technology enables operators to rapidly launch a Web 2.0-style Personalised Services Portal for consumers with a portfolio of new services, make complex telco services available to customers, monetise content through multiple interactive advertising models and optimise via viral social sharing with distribution to other platforms such as Facebook.

By John Kennedy

Photo: My Eircom.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years