Ericsson trials high def TV over mobile broadband

4 Jun 2010

Ireland is getting closer to achieving 1GB per second mobile broadband as Ericsson trials LTE (long term evolution) technology in Dublin, supported by ComReg’s test and trial licensing programme.

The LTE drive tests were carried out around Dublin and demonstrated that high-definition TV and video conferencing were capable of being streamed over mobile broadband at speeds greater than 80MBps using the 2.3GHz radio frequency.

This trial from Ericsson Ireland follows the first-ever commercial LTE network that was launched by Ericsson in Sweden in December 2009.

“As an integral part of the services that ComReg offers to industry stakeholders, ComReg is very pleased that its test and trial licensing programme has facilitated Ericsson in conducting the first tests of the LTE TDD next-generation mobile technology in Ireland, using 2.3GHz,” said ComReg commissioner Mike Byrne.

“Ireland has a wide range of clean radio frequencies available for test and trial purposes and this valuable resource provides innovators the opportunity to develop, test and trial new services and smart technologies,” he added.

John Hennessy, country manager and managing director of Ericsson Ireland, went on to say that if these speeds can be delivered in the near future, then most services could be delivered over a mobile broadband connection.

“Think of this as a preview of the way consumers will consume broadband, TV and radio services in the future,” he said.