ESB Telecoms building mobile backhaul network

20 Oct 2010

Transmode, supplier of optical networking solutions, has announced that Electricty Supply Board (ESB) Telecoms is building a mobile backhaul wholesale network throughout Ireland.

The network will be based on Transmode’s Native Packet Optical network architecture and will increase both the capacity and the flexibility of ESB Telecoms’ existing infrastructure.

The new network is designed to manage increasing volumes of mobile backhaul traffic across Ireland. The TM-Series network will ideally suit the traffic management needs at the edge of ESB Telecoms’ optical network.

“With our focus on high capacity services and rapid service delivery, the ability to provide carrier class operation is critically important to ESB Telecoms,” said Tom Bambury, ESB Telecoms’ general manager.

Better visibility

“Transmode’s solution will provide our team with better visibility and enable easier management of the mobile backhaul traffic at our primary sites. In addition, it is a very economical solution and gives us ethernet ring protection on all Layer 2 services. We will therefore be able to supply our prestige mobile service provider customers with a more economical and scalable wholesale offering.”

There has been a positive reaction to the service and multiple customers have already signed up – including a major mobile operator and a national wireless operator.

According to Karl Thedéen, Transmode’s CEO, customer bases are growing at exciting rates.

“First of all, it proves the case for mobile backhaul and we expect to see large investments in this area in the next few years. Secondly, this project is our first public announcement addressing the new Transport Ethernet products. The fact that we have several other customers in North America and Europe already using these products makes this even more exciting.”

These customers will enjoy a flexible bandwidth service across the whole of ESB Telecoms’ enhanced network and the new network will increase both the capacity and the flexibility of ESB Telecoms’ existing infrastructure

ESB Telecoms’ network owns and manages more than 300 strategically positioned telecommunications towers and sites throughout Ireland and includes a 1,300km nationwide fibre-optic network.

For additional information about Transmode, please visit its website.