EU gives Solaris frequency for S-band satellite

14 May 2009

The European Commission has given Solaris Mobile the go-ahead to get its assignment of 2 x 15 MHz of S-Band spectrum across Europe.

Solaris Mobile, which is headed by former Kingston Communications CEO Steve Maine, is currently in the process of establishing its European headquarters in Dublin, where it plans to employ 50 people. It currently employs 15 people in the capital.

The company is investing €150m in establishing a two-way communications global network for satellite communications.

Its services will be aimed at broadcasters, telecoms operators, the automotives industry and data communications providers.

In March, Solaris launched its W2A satellite into space, which will carry Europe’s first S-band payload.

“We are delighted with the spectrum award, which marks a critically important milestone for innovative mobile satellite services in Europe,” Maine said.

“We welcome the European Commission’s efficient handling of a very complex procedure, and now look forward to obtaining our national authorisations as soon as possible. The announcement today will act as a catalyst to promote our vision of providing enhanced mobile services in Europe.

“Supported by Solaris Mobile, content providers will be able to broadcast crystal-clear live TV, deliver linear and on-demand content, for example, location-based services, video or radio channels to mobile phones, vehicles, iPods, portable video players, game consoles and other handsets, on land, at sea and in the air.

“By introducing this brand-new infrastructure and technology for mobile solutions, Solaris Mobile will be a cost-effective, flexible and unrivalled catalyst for reshaping the mobile landscape all over Europe,” Maine said.

By John Kennedy