Europe has 363.6m out of world’s 1.3bn unique internet users

4 May 2011

The latest comScore metrics reveal there are 1.3bn unique users worldwide on the internet, with the average visitor accessing the web for 23.1 hours and visiting 2,094 pages on average.

Europe has 363.6m total unique visitors, according to comScore, spending 23.1 hours on average per person and each visitor visiting 2,678 pages.

Ireland has 2.048m unique internet users who spend 18.8 hours per person online and access 1,720 pages per person.

Among the individual markets, Germany had the largest internet audience (age 15+) with 49.7m unique visitors, followed by Russia, with 47.4m visitors and France with 42.3m visitors.

Visitors coming from the Netherlands exhibited the highest engagement, spending 34.4 hours on average online in March – 33pc higher than Europe as a whole – followed by the visitors in the UK, who spent 33 hours on average. Visitors in the Netherlands also viewed 3,515 pages each on average, 31pc greater than the European average.

Top European web properties

Google sites ranked as the top European web property in March, attracting 330.3m unique visitors and reaching 90.8pc of the total European internet audience.

Microsoft sites ranked second with 272.8m visitors (75.0pc reach), followed by in third place, with 234.6m visitors (64.5pc reach).

Russian social network VKontakte had the highest average engagement among the top 30 properties, with visitors spending an average of 405.1 minutes (6.8 hours) on the site over the course of the month.

Russian Group ranked second at 310.0 minutes (5.2 hours), followed by with an average of 285.7 minutes (4.8 hours). accounted for the highest number of page views in March with 109.9bn, representing 11.3pc of all pages viewed that month.

Google Sites ranked second with 94.8bn page views, followed by VKontakte with 33.1bn page views.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years