Fix your country’s broadband problems – SamKnows wants you!

25 Apr 2014

Irish people passionate about improving the state of Ireland’s broadband are being asked to sign up with international firm SamKnows, which will require installing hardware in their homes to get a real picture of broadband in Ireland.

SamKnows is searching for members of the public that want to influence how their country’s broadband is delivered. By measuring their broadband performance with SamKnows’ free hardware, they can help shape the overall broadband market.

SamKnows is regulator approved, completely independent and since 2008, has been providing governments, academics and the public open and transparent data resources for the improvement of national internet infrastructure.

Its expertise has been utilised by the USA Federal Communications Commission (FCC), European Commission, Singapore IDA, UK and Brazil governments, and other regulators/government organisations.

The public-driven campaign measures every aspect of internet performance, which will then be used to create an accurate picture and detailed report of the country’s internet landscape.

Those interested in helping change Ireland’s broadband are encouraged to sign up to the exclusive programme. Once chosen, SamKnows provides its hardware free of charge, which immediately begins collecting data anonymously, securely and without any impact on performance.

Alongside the hardware (a custom-built SamKnows Whitebox), participants are sent monthly progress updates and given access to an online portal that displays their individual metrics in real-time.

Uncle Sam dog image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years