Fujitsu and Ericsson team up on 5G development with new partnership

26 Oct 2018

Image: © Mongkol/

Fujitsu and Ericsson will be working together to deliver 5G network solutions under a new strategic partnership.

5G preparations are underway around the world and two major tech firms have joined together to develop 5G solutions and services under a new collaborative agreement. Ericsson and Fujitsu are combining their portfolios spanning radio access and core network for the Japanese market, and the companies aim to eventually expand their collaboration to other global markets.

Fujitsu is making a major effort to support open standard activities and development, and aims to achieve broad interoperability for its radio access products in global markets. It will be bringing its miniaturisation and energy-saving knowledge to the table, while Ericsson’s international sales channel is also a bonus.

Ericsson has been working with mobile operators globally in the development of the new technology through trials, prototyping and standardisation.

Flexible network systems

Tango Matsumoto, executive vice-president and head of network business group at Fujitsu, said: “Through this partnership with Ericsson, we will provide flexible 5G network systems that are open and standard-compliant, and will leverage our expertise in wireless technologies and network integration to a wide range of customers in and outside of Japan.

“From mobile broadband – expected to be the first widespread use case of 5G – to the internet of things (IoT) and beyond, this partnership holds out the promise of exciting new business opportunities.”

Fredrik Jejdling, executive vice-president and head of business area networks at Ericsson, added: “Our global expertise in 5G combined with our understanding of the local market puts us in an excellent position to support the introduction of 5G in Japan. By working closely with operators and partners, we are creating solutions that will bring successful use cases and applications to the market.”

A competitive area

Earlier this week, Samsung and Japan’s NEC unveiled a partnership to jointly develop and produce 5G base stations. Their combined base station market does not add up to 5pc, according to Nikkei Asia Review.

The Fujitsu-Ericsson pairing will see the former benefit from the latter’s base station share of close to 30pc. In Japan alone, 5G base station spending is estimated to reach $44.4bn. The technology is expected to roll out in the country as early as 2019.

Ellen Tannam was a journalist with Silicon Republic, covering all manner of business and tech subjects