Go2mobile puts ‘Text my Location’ in smartphone app

10 Nov 2010

Waterford-based technology company Go2mobile has created an exciting new ‘Text my Location’ geo-location-based feature for its breakthrough SMS smartphone app iGroupTxt.com.

Go2mobile has released a new version of iGroupTxt.com. One of the main new features is a simple geolocation facility to allow the user to send his or her location via SMS.

Why would he/she wish to do this? Perhaps to meet up with friends or if he/she has run of out petrol and letting somebody know or simply informing family members whenever he or she is travelling.

iGrouptxt.com is a prepaid messaging service that not only works on smartphones, such as Android-based phones and iPhones, but also on Wi-Fi devices, such as the iPod touch and even the Kindle3.

Global coverage

The app comes with global coverage so the user can see exactly what countries and networks are covered.

The user can schedule messages to be sent to pre-defined groups in advance. The user is able to receive replies back to his or her phone using his or her own mobile number as the Sender Identifier.

All groups and members set up within those groups are fully exportable to another device. The new geolocation system is available within the “Single Text” facility. All data is accessible and recoverable from any device, including the iPad.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years