GoMo’s introductory offer ends January as the brand nears 100,000 users

2 Dec 2019

Image: © guas/Stock.adobe.com

As the company reaches 100,000 users, GoMo has given a deadline to prospective customers planning to sign up for its introductory unlimited data, calls and texts offer.

Eir’s new digital mobile brand GoMo announced today (2 December) that it has almost hit 100,000 users since launching in October. The company expects to surpass the milestone of 100,000 users before Christmas.

As a result, in the new year, GoMo will end its introductory offer, which provides customers with all calls, all texts and all data for €9.99 per month. The last day that customers interested in the package can sign up will be Wednesday 8 January 2020.

When Eir launched GoMo, the Irish telecoms giant said that the rolling 30-day sim-only plan would only be available to the first 100,000 customers that signed up to the new mobile brand. If this milestone is hit by Christmas, the closing date in January will be an extension to the original offer.

Only available online

With the aim of cutting down costs by removing the bricks-and-mortar element of the business, GoMo is only available online. All aspects of managing a sim card and an associated account are handled through the brand’s website.

In addition to its competitive monthly pay-as-you-go contract, GoMo’s bundle includes a ‘Roam Like Home’ package, which can be used all over Europe and the UK. Users receive a 10GB data allowance, as well as free calls and texts while travelling in the EU.

The company has not yet announced what is planned for GoMo beyond the January deadline and how much plans will cost for new customers. On the brand’s website, it says: “If you are already a GoMo customer, you’ll continue to enjoy €9.99 a month mobile for life.”

GoMo operates on Eir’s mobile network, which the company says has up to 99pc population coverage and more than 97pc 4G coverage. The new digital mobile brand will benefit from Eir’s €150m upgrade of all of its existing masts with the latest 4G network technology.

The company posted a 2pc dip in revenue in its full-year financial report, which was published in September, however earnings were up by 10pc compared to the previous year.

Kelly Earley was a journalist with Silicon Republic