Google confirms Android phones to go on sale this year

19 Aug 2008

Android phone video

Google has confirmed through the official Android developers’ blog, that after working on the first Android devices with its partners in the Open Handset Alliance, these devices will indeed be shipping in the fourth quarter of this year.

Not only this but developer advocate, Dan Morill, said Google is almost finished developing the final Android 1.0 version, which will be the standard for the first wave of smart phones with this operating system.

“We’ve been working with our Open Handset Alliance partners to incorporate much of that feedback, and finish the first devices. Since those devices are shipping in the fourth quarter, the platform is now converging on a final ‘Android 1.0’ version,” he said on the blog.

Morill also revealed the Android developer roadmap, which clearly states that Android 1.0 devices will be “available at retail” in the fourth quarter followed by the release of the source code.

Finally, later this year, there will be a key announcement on the Android Developer Challenge II, which will no doubt make available more funding like the US$10m in awards given out for the first challenge for innovative apps built specifically on the Android mobile platform.

This developer roadmap comes shortly after Taiwan-based mobile handset manufacturers HTC announced it would be the first company to release a smart phone – named the Dream – with the Android OS, which was approved yesterday by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for use in the US

By Marie Boran

Pictured: Google gets its skates on with the new roadmap for the Android mobile operating system

Android phone video