Google is now shipping 60,000 Android-based devices a day

19 Feb 2010

Google is now shipping more than 60,000 Android devices per day and the number has more than doubled over the last quarter, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt told the GSM Association Mobile World Congress earlier this week.

“If you look at my thesis of the three intersection points – computing, connectivity and the cloud – that are changing the technology world today, we decided to move the ball forward at Google by releasing a set of products generally known as Android, which many of you are familiar with,” Schmidt said.

“We wanted to do this to build a platform ecosystem but also to service as a catalyst to bring along a new model of how people consume information and it’s working remarkably well.”

Schmidt said that Google now has more than 65 technology partners, 26 devices, with 59 operators in 48 countries and 90 languages so far. “And I would say that’s just the beginning.

“To give you a sense – we are now shipping more than 60,000 Android devices per day and the number has doubled over the last quarter.

“Obviously the growth rate is accelerating and we hope the growth rate, as well as the demand, will continue for a long time.

“Because of the partner announcements that are happening this week, there’s a lot of reasons to think that the Open Handset Alliance we have done with Android has worked really well,” Schmidt said.

By John Kennedy

Photo: The Galaxy Spica Android device (above) and Google CEO Eric Schmidt (below)

Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the Mobile World Congress

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