Highlights from the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2010

22 Feb 2010

At the GSM Association’s Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Spain, recently, Google CEO Eric Schmidt presented his vision of where he sees the mobile revolution going next.

Everything that Google will create going forward will be done so through a ‘Mobile First’ lens, Schmidt told the largest gathering of the world’s mobile industry at the GSM Association’s Mobile World Congress 2010.

Eric Schmidt

Computing, Connectivity and the Cloud

Google CEO Eric Schmidt reveals that mobile web adoption is happening eight times faster than the equivalent point of PC-based web adoption 10 years ago: icon: launch video

JK Shin

The Mobile Social Revolution

Samsung’s head of mobile JK Shin unveils the company’s strategy with its mobile apps platform bada at the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona: icon: launch video

'Phones that smell' video screengrab

The Mobile Revolution

Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s concept video on the mobile revolution and some of the innovations coming our way … including phones that can smell: icon: launch video

augmented reality demo

Augmented Reality and Voice Recognition

During Schmidt’s keynote speech, Google engineer Hartmut Neven, lead engineer for Google Goggles, shows incredible applications such as augmented reality, speech translation and voice and image-based search apps that are coming our way: icon: launch video

Google Earth demo

Google Earth and High-Def Image Processing

Google senior product manager Eric Tseng shows how the latest Android smart phones have many of the characteristics of powerful desktop computers: icon: launch video

Main photo: Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Spain

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