IEDR reports .ie registrations rise 2.2pc

3 May 2010

The .ie Domain Registry (IEDR) has reported that registrations were up 2.2pc year on year. The total number of .ie domains now stands at more than 141,000.

The figures for Q1 2010 reveal signs of a general uplift in registrations towards the second half of Q1. Overall, there were 9,651 .ie domains registered in the first quarter, a decline of 1.35pc compared to the same period last year, which remains the best performing first quarter to date.

January experienced the sharpest decline in registrations, down 8.4pc year on year.

Notwithstanding the ongoing economic challenges for businesses and customers, month on month registrations increased again towards the end of the first quarter, rising by 15.2pc between January and February and 15.4pc between February and March. Year on year, the registration figures for February and March rose by 1.4pc and 2.2 pc respectively.

Who makes up the majority of .ie registrants

The first quarter registration figures reveal steady demand from Irish sole traders and limited companies, who account for more than 80pc of new registrants for the trusted .ie namespace, which is ranked as the second safest domain in the world after Japan (.jp) by the international security specialist McAfee.

Resellers continue to account for just over 98pc of the registration growth.

“It’s very encouraging indeed to have ended the first quarter with renewed growth in .ie domain registrations and a very solid performance in March, with registrations up 2.2pc in March year on year and up 15.4pc on the previous month,” IEDR CEO David Curtin said.

“The decline in registration volumes at the beginning of the year was not unexpected given the tough and testing economic conditions Irish businesses are and continue to operate under, particularly SMEs. The increase in registrations towards the end of the first quarter and into Q2 points to strong, stable demand for the .ie namespace, which remains world class by international safety and security standards.

“The .ie namespace provides an established, trusted domain name through which start-ups and entrepreneurs can bring their goods and services to market and win consumer confidence. The IEDR is committed to maintaining the integrity, affordability and resilience of this vital platform for Irish e-commerce,” Curtin added.

By John Kennedy

Photo: IEDR CEO David Curtin

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years