Intel forecasts era of full internet on mobiles

3 Jun 2008

Intel is counting on more powerful microprocessors and high-speed WiMAX wireless networks to usher in a new era of the full internet on mobile devices.

“The convergence of mobile computers, WiMAX wireless broadband and powerful, HD-rich computer technologies point to a tremendous growth opportunity,” said Sean Maloney, executive vice-president and general manager, sales and marketing group.

“Individuals, not households, will drive the next era of growth with people each owning one or more computing devices.”

Maloney remarked that people have what he termed an “innate desire” to be ‘connected’ all the time and he envisaged personalised, mobile technology as the way to meet that need.

Maloney was speaking at the Computex technology trade show in Taipei, at which Intel also unveiled new chipsets that make high-definition (HD) images on a desktop computer’s screen look more realistic.

He also announced the availability of new versions of Intel Atom processors for an emerging class of compact, easy-to-use devices called netbooks and nettops that will bring the internet to new users.

By Niall Byrne