iPhone 4 launch marred by technical glitch claims

24 Jun 2010

As thousands queued outside Apple Stores in New York from Fifth Avenue to Regent Street for the precious few iPhones that have actually made it to market, the first batch are reportely affected by a variety of problems, from reception to display, disgruntled buyers claim.

Apple’s iPhone 4 went on sale today in the US and the UK, but it appears the device’s reception has been marred by criticism, no less from the queues who queued for insufficient supplies of the coveted devices but those lucky enough to get their hands on one have complained of technical issues.

Buyers have complained of display discolouration, and lost reception when they touch the stainless steel band on the iPhone’s surround, a component that actually doubles as the device’s antenna.

Users have been complaining about a drop in signal strength when the phone is held and videos have been posted on YouTube demonstrating the difference in signal when holding the device and putting it flat on a surface.

Another problem users have been complaining about has been discolouration and claims of yellow spots or lines on the new hi-def Retina display screen.

According to reports, the spots can appear in corners and the thin bands have revealed themselves towards the tops and bottoms of customer screens.

These issues, however, seem to be isolated and most of the lucky few to receive their device today and this week seem happy.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years