iPhone owners unhappy with battery life and camera

2 Sep 2009

New research confirms what most of us already know: the battery life on the iPhone is far from spectacular and the camera is underwhelming.

The research from Strategy Analytics has found that when it comes to purchasing criteria for their next devices iPhone users demand new features from a trusted manufacturer –as well as improved battery life.

iPhone owners show low satisfaction with battery life and camera quality compared to other features on the device.

The report, “Retaining and Attracting New Customers: Profiling the Apple iPhone User,” defines who owns an Apple iPhone, which features and services owners use and want, what the greatest areas of dissatisfaction are, and what existing iPhone owners will be looking for when they come to purchase their next device.

“iPhone owners use more features on a regular basis than non-iPhone owners, with two-thirds browsing the web and sending personal emails daily—features which will considerably drain battery life,” according to Paul Brown, senior user experience analyst at Strategy Analytics.

Kevin Nolan, vice-president at Strategy Analytics, added: “Given the importance placed on features and style by existing iPhone owners, it is important for Apple to continue to provide innovative, compelling devices, while recognising the need for improved battery strength.”

By John Kennedy

Picture – queues for the iPhone at the Apple Store in New York

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years