iPhone takes over 66pc mobile web market

2 Mar 2009

With the iPhone, Apple now commands 66.61pc of the mobile-browsing market according to the latest comprehensive survey by US metrics firm Net Applications.

While the iPhone clearly has the lead when it comes to accessing the mobile web, the report found that Google’s Android mobile operating system (OS) has already gained over 6.15pc of mobile web browsing since coming on the scene in October 2008.

Windows Mobile, meanwhile, had 6.91pc of the market in comparison to only 2.24pc for the BlackBerry. However, the study found that both users of the BlackBerry and Android for mobile web access were growing steadily.

The Symbian OS, which is used in most Nokia smart phones, accounted for 6.15pc of the market, coming in at the same as Android.

When it comes to search engines on mobile devices, Google rules the roost: Net Applications found that Google was used by 97.5pc of all smart device searches globally for web search in February 2009.

While other search engines barely get a look in, Yahoo! had the second-largest market share at 2.03pc, with Microsoft’s MSN barely registering at 0.07pc.

By Marie Boran

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